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Hippiie Musiq

Hippiie Musiq is a movement of Positivity, Word Music, Diversity and Love. Based in Los Angeles, Hippiie Musiq is an outfit that has an African culture foundation from the events it holds via Fête en Aprème, to the clothes they sell via their store.


Ripples International

Ripples International is a charitable trust based in Meru. They needed a website to replace their previous site. The main issue they wanted to address was how busy it looked due to the amount of content.

We refined the look and feel of the website, de-cluttered it, and re-organized the content of the website. It still content heavy but doesn’t look like.


Fête en Aprème

Fête en Aprème is a DC based Deejay collective and curators of a unique experience in Music & Arts events. They are a movement of positivity, diversity, love and world music; more than your average day party. For the past three years they have held various events in various States and countries.



Having been established in 2010 The East African Centre for Human Rights or simply EACHRights needed a revamp of their website. They needed the content for the new website rearranged to have the most relevant being the most accessible. We updated the design of the website as well.

For a media campaign that they were running we edited a 2-minute documentary video that was used as part of the campaign.


Bloomingdale Planners

Meet Bloomingdale Planners Ltd, the glamorous, full service event consultant & design company.


Emma's Brush

When beauty begins with a brush it quickly claims its way into the top leagues.