The Next One

You wake up early in the morning, do your morning jog... or snooze your alarm and roll over in bed. Crap...Now you have only 15 minutes to prepare. Full of adrenaline, you grab your breakfast and rush to your car.


Traffic. You make the usual "I should have woken up earlier" comment. Honk at the guy ahead of you who seems not to be in a rush.

Office. The usual good mornings and the uninvited good morning by that colleague you'd prefer not to see for 6 months.

Coffee break... Lunch.... 5pm... Rush home

Traffic. "I should have left earlier"


Friday. TGIF

The weekend was too short... "I need a few days off".


Monday. You wake up early in the morning...

End month. Pay check. Big smile... Rent, loan, friends debt, savings.... Big frown...


This is where we come in. We take you far far away from your day to day routine. We give you a chance to use your adrenaline other than the rush to shower and dress up. You will enjoy every single moment you are with us.


We make your bucket list come true.




You Only Live Once On Earth!