We Are Terribly Contagious

“What on earth? Are you a disease or something?”

Well, if by the definition of disease you mean a really good creative agency that everyone talks about and want to be associated with, then yes, we are a disease… or something.

Klay-klay Web Agency is an agency like no other. Not only do we satisfy our clients, we satisfy ourselves as well. And how does that affect you, you may ask? Well, look at it this way; back in our offices this is the kind of conversation going on in our boardroom:

“This looks really good, but it work for this brand?”

“It will, because of their well-defined target market. Not only that, I have put into account a slightly wider market, so that if they need to expand later they will not need to rebrand.”

“Do you have the research to back that up?”
“Let’s take a break guys. I’m hungry.”
“Yes. Let’s. We all know how grumpy you get when you are hungry.”
“Ok. It’s a wrap. Let’s pick it up from research after lunch. We are way ahead of schedule anyway.”

You see, we are as concerned of your project as you are… probably even more.

“We Are Terribly Contagious” was a campaign Klay-klay Web Agency ran in 2013. The above was the story we were running with. The objective was to get guys to know about Klay-klay Web Agency and spread the word that we are the best and most creative website developers in Kenya.  IT WORKED!