Nyala Dairy

The story of Nyala Dairy is an incredible one. It grew from producing 4000 liters of milk a day in 2002 to over 60,000 liters of milk per day in 2012. It now has a SACCO with a banking hall and an agro vet that produces cow feed. This is the story of how we launched it.

TechnoServe, the company behind this great success is an international NGO with offices all over the world including Kenya. The identified Nyala Diary as a potential project in 2001. Headed by Fred Ogana, the current country director at TechnoServe Kenya, the farmers of Nyandarua and Laikipia area were brought together to form a milk society. They called it Nyala Dairy Multipurpose Co-operative Society or in short Nyala Dairy.

Nyala Dairy diversified into a SACCO which operated like a bank and an Agro vet that trains farmers, treats cows, upgrades the cows by AI (artificial insemination) and produces cow feed from their own manufacturing plant.

With an annual of turnover of $7m – $11m, TechnoServe decided that it was time to officially launch this great company and show it off to the world; and that is where Klay-klay came in.

Our journey began 10 weeks to the launch date.

We had a heavy work plan and a lot of ground to cover to beat the 24th August deadline. We needed to meet the great minds behind Nyala Dairy and to see the work on the ground for ourselves. This meant attending board meetings, traveling to Nyandarua every now and then and spending a couple of days getting acquainted with the day to day activities of the farmers, the dairy plant, the Sacco and the agro vet.