To make every Mukunya financially free: for us and for our children.



Count: 40,000 shares
Total Value: Ksh 8,000,000
Members: 80 members
Allocated shares: 20,000 shares
Unallocated shares: 20,000 shares
Minimum shares per member: 250 shares (value 50,000)
Price per share: Ksh 200
Minimum amount of capital to start investing: Ksh100,000



Minimum number of shares to own per member: 250 shares (Ksh 50,000)



What if I can’t afford 250 shares (Ksh 50,000)
These can be bought over a period of time. A minimum of 20% will be deducted from your profits and added to your shares until you get to 250 shares. You can buy as little as 1 share (Ksh200)

Why should 20% be deducted from my profits?
The goal is to ensure that everyone has a minimum of 200 shares so that everyone makes significant amounts of money.

Can I own more than 250 shares?
Yes there are 20,000 unallocated shares

Won’t some people have more shares than others?
Yes. But more shares means more capital for the company to invest. This also means the share value goes up for everyone.

Who will make the investment decisions?
The business developer will look for investment opportunities and write a report to share with the management. The report will cover:

  • Capital required
  • Profit to be made
  • Period of time
  • Potential risk
  • Risk management systems/processes

What happens if an investment venture makes a loss?
We will ensure to invest in low risk opportunities that ensure that at least our capital is protected.
We will invest in different sectors so that in case one makes a loss, the other makes a profit and then we will be cushioned

When do we start investing?
We will start investing when our capital gets to Ksh 100,000.

How much money will we make?

We will invest in projects that will make us at least 30% in a period of less than 5 months.

Where will we get those projects?
It will the work of the Business Developer to find those projects.

Will the Business Developer be paid for that?
Yes. 1% of the profit. The work of the Business Developer is to find the project, do research and a feasibility report showing how viable the project is to us which he/she will present to the Management Team.

Who approves projects?
The management team.

Who is the Management Team?
The Management Team will be made up of the:

  1. Chairman
  2. Treasurer
  3. Businesses Developer

They will be paid each 1% of profit of projects every quarter (3 months). If no profits are made, they don’t get paid.

How are the Management Team chosen?
They are voted in by the members.