Klay-klay began in 2008. Many say it should have started sooner; with all-time famous phrase “where have you been all my life?” Since then we have had tons of clients and projects.

Our clients love working with us because we love what we do. Our clients prefer us because we give value for money… a lot of value, probably a lot more value…

Klay-klay is a Website Development Agency. We develop innovative ways to get your target audience engaged with your brand. Our objective is simple: to make you outstanding in the journey of business beginnings, business growth and business transitions.

James Mwamisi – The Main Guy
James Mwamisi
He loves adventure: road trips, random plans (#iRandom), horse riding – He has a couple of scars to show for that.
He is a business developer by heart and a great planner: growth, schedules, think-it-through and bottom line; are the lines that make him tick.