Nyala Dairy

The story of Nyala Dairy is an incredible one. It grew from producing 4000 liters of milk a day in 2002 to over 60,000 liters of milk per day in 2012. It now has a SACCO with a banking hall and an agro vet that produces cow feed. This is the story of how we launched it.

TechnoServe, the company behind this great success is an international NGO with offices all over the world including Kenya.



*Image used is a Faber-Castell ad.
*Mtumba – Kenyan coloqial for a second-hand clothes free market

Ever noticed how different brands receive different treatments from clients of the same demographic. Jane, for example, will spot an awesome handbag (the only one of its kind remaining) at a high-end shop, and immediately swipe her card to the eternal bliss of owning a classy handbag;

“Forget the price, this bag will make my girlfriends turn green jealous.”

Later that day, she will pass by Simon’s shoe shop (tongue twister), and somehow manage to negotiate the price of a pair of stilettos that match her new bag, down the price that is most comfortable to her.



Kinyozi wa mtaa – Kenyan coloqial for local barber

For the last ten years, matters regarding my hair have been handled by one guy. I can trust no other and shall trust no other. In addition, just to emphasize how much I value his service, last year he moved his shop to a location further away from my convenience. That however did not stop me from following him to his new location, whether at my convenience or otherwise.


James Mwamisi turns hobby into lucrative career

While many of us have not discovered our hobbies, James Mwamisi is among the few Kenyans who are currently earning over KES 160,000 monthly courtesy of a venture started as a hobby.

In his childhood Mwamisi discovered his passion for design but never though that one day he would be able to earn from it.

From after high school Mwamisi started different businesses including T-Mag, which was an urban magazine. This did not pick up because of lack of funding.


We Are Terribly Contagious

“What on earth? Are you a disease or something?”

Well, if by the definition of disease you mean a really good creative agency that everyone talks about and want to be associated with, then yes, we are a disease… or something.

Klay-klay Web Agency is an agency like no other. Not only do we satisfy our clients, we satisfy ourselves as well. And how does that affect you, you may ask? Well, look at it this way;


#WeAreOne Westgate Siege

On 21 September 2013, unidentified gunmen attacked the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack, which lasted until 24 September, resulted in at least 67 deaths, including four attackers. Over 175 people were reportedly wounded in the mass shooting, with all of the gunmen reported killed.

Twitter went viral with the hashtag #weareone. Twitter was used as the main communication channel by participants including victims, media houses, the police and according to some sources, the Al Shabaab as well.



The Maasai Cricket Warriors took part in a charity match against the British Army Training Unit in Kenya to raise awareness of a major conservation issue – the plight of the northern white rhino.


The Maasai people of Tanzania and Kenya are known as fierce, brave warriors who are imposing in stature and rarely without their spears, used to protect their homesteads (or kraal’s as they’re officially known) from lions, hyenas and leopards.



Meet Rajan — the 63-year-old elephant who loves nothing more than swimming in the deep blue sea.

The 4-ton male Asian pachyderm was caught on camera by wildlife filmmaker Cristian Dimitrius as he swam in the Bay of Bengal just off the remote Andaman Islands near Myanmar, Caters News Agency reports.

Rajan proudly shows off his underwater elegance while appearing to glide weightlessly through the water with ease.

The tusked swimmer is famous for being one of the world’s only oceangoing elephants.



‘6th avenue’ was a concept pitched to a band back in 2011. It was created by Jack Crossing. The band was after something a bit different so he decided to treat this as a piece of art instead. Since putting it online it has gathered a lot of attention. In 2011/2012 he sold an edition of 60 prints and also saw the artwork had been tattooed on someone. It is now commonly known as ‘Astronaut on Fire’ walking down Radio City Music Hall in NYC.